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Honeywell and HID Global Put Building Control in the Hands of Occupants

May 10, 2017

HID Global is collaborating with Honeywell on the Vector Occupant mobile software application which enables building occupants to tap into Internet of Things capabilities to address common building issues.

Building occupants long have grappled with whom to call when their work area is too cold or how to gain access to a facility when they forget their access card at home. The Honeywell Vector Occupant App, launched in November 2016, combines the convenience of today’s mobile devices with connected building features to give users more control over their comfort levels and ability to securely move about the workplace. The software is the latest example of Honeywell’s leadership in the Internet of Things around connected buildings.

Customised mobile access solution

Honeywell has integrated HID Seos® credential technology into the new app, calling upon HID Global’s expertise in secure identity solutions to make mobile access one of its key features. The new Honeywell Vector Occupant App makes it possible for building occupants to use their mobile devices for card-free secure access to a single area of a building, an entire facility or multiple locations around the globe. The access control capability eliminates the need to use physical cards or fobs to replace secure access for users via their smartphones.

“Smartphones and apps continue to enhance our everyday lives, from allowing us to hail a cab to giving us direct insight into where we stand on a restaurant waiting list. We’re now applying these same concepts of insight and control to how one interacts with a building,” said John Rajchert, president, Honeywell Building Solutions. “Buildings are alive and teeming with opportunities for users to interact with them—if you can make the right connections. The Honeywell Vector Occupant App facilitates these interactions so users can create their best experiences.”

Increasing comfort with the touch of a screen

The new app provides the ability to identify digitally and integrates with core building functions, including not only access but also comfort control, to enhance building occupants’ experience with the touch of a screen.

In addition, occupants can quickly and easily communicate temperature discomfort to prompt real-time adjustments instead of the more time-consuming process of seeking out a facility manager. Facility managers benefit from immediate insight into where and how comfortable occupants are so they can make adjustments more quickly and easily. And the app’s digital identification and access control capabilities make it easier to manage occupant credentials, eliminating the need to keep track of and replace misplaced access cards.

Both Honeywell and HID Global are exhibiting at the 2017 Security Exhibition where innovative solutions are in abundance. Visit Honeywell on stand G40 to see the Honeywell Vector Occupant App for yourself. 

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