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New TDSi Mullion Readers

Jun 12, 2015

Integrated security solutions manufacturer TDSi will be featuring its new range of security reader products, including new versions of its MIFARE and Proximity Readers at Security Exhibition & Conference 2015.

The new readers are all compatible with MIFARE Plus and DESFire for added security and flexibility.

MIFARE Plus compatibility was a crucial part of the development of the new TDSi readers. The effectiveness of MIFARE Classic cards has been eroded in recent years by the increasing ease by which counterfeit or cloned cards can be produced.

Fortunately, the new MIFARE Plus and DESFire card aims to restore high levels of security, whilst maintaining the flexibility and affordability which has made the technology so popular.

TDSi will be showcasing its latest readers at Security Exhibition & Conference 2015 on stand F44

As a popular multifunction security system, MIFARE Classic has built a strong following amongst installers and users alike.

MIFARE cards are regularly used for an array of other ID applications including payment in cafeterias and vending machines, or as authorisation for borrowing library books or the use of automated services in a university campus for example.

Additional security

The new MIFARE Plus system builds upon these benefits but also adds additional security to further combat potential unauthorized cloning or other misuse.

Research suggests that installing/upgrading and using the MIFARE Plus and DESFire reader technology can cut the threat from cloned cards by half. For a small difference in cost the customer can achieve the peace of mind of a more secure platform.

TDSi’s advances MIFARE readers address the increasing problem of cloned cards, but also, vitally, provide backwards compatibility benefits to ensure previous card reading investments are not made redundant by an upgrade.

TDSi is offering its new readers in several variant combinations. This offers the option to operate different types of cards on the same network, continuing the use of existing cards where appropriate, until a full upgrade is ready to be implemented.

As well as the inclusion of the latest security technology, the development of the new range of TDSi readers involved a great deal of thought on the practical installation and user needs for such a pivotal component of any secure access system.

Even the aesthetics of the reader units were put under close scrutiny, as John Davies Managing Director of TDSi commented, “readers become a fully integrated part of the buildings and facilities they protect, so the way they look shouldn’t be ignored.

“Whilst the units need to be visible and highly intuitive to use, they also need to fit in with modern architecture and surroundings to present an attractive addition which doesn’t impose on the setting in which they are installed.”

TDSi’s Product and Marketing Manager, Sarah Phillips, says: “Reliable authentication is arguably essential part of security systems, so we have been talking to our customers, end-users and partners to ascertain what would best suit the needs of the real world.

“The feedback we received revealed that often more basic elements, such as the shape and size of the reader are as important as the technology inside. Also highlighted was the need for a range of flexible options for dual technology to make upgrading existing systems as cost-effective as possible.”

John Davies concluded, “Practicality is one of the defining themes of our new range. For instance, the feedback we had was that sometimes a keypad to enter a PIN code is preferable to carrying a card or token, so all variants of our new readers range are available with this option if required.”

The new TDSi readers will be on display on Stand F44 at SECURITY Exhibition + Conference, 15-17 July at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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