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Pelco by Schneider Electric

Apr 28, 2014

View Pelco’s latest range of products and solutions available to the security market, on the show floor.

With a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service, Pelco by Schneider Electric has become the most sought-after supplier in the video security industry.

Latest range of products and solutions available to the security market, on the show floor


Evolution 360-Degree Camera: Panoramic IP Cameras

The Evolution range consists of a 5 megapixel camera and exciting features, including high frame rate, H.264, on-board SD card, supports POE, digital input and output and audio capabilities. Evolution also comes with a range of accessories including pole, pendant and wall mount. This new approach for 360-degree surveillance cameras greatly enhances the ease and speed of installation and does not limit the 360 to wall or ceiling mounts. A differentiating strength of the new Evolution range is its innovative modular design, capable of being mounted on a range of available housings to allow for indoor, outdoor, surface mount and concealed applications

Sarix® Enhanced Series with SureVision 2.0: The Industry Choice for Image Quality and Reliability

Designed for performance, premium experience, and mission-critical applications, the Sarix Enhanced Range with SureVision 2.0 delivers industry-leading image quality in the most difficult lighting conditions. Featuring next-generation SureVision technology, these IP cameras simultaneously combine wide dynamic range (WDR) along with low-light and anti-bloom capabilities for clear, detailed images. And with new advancements, including 3D noise filtering, smooth response to illumination changes, and improved tone mapping to retain colour accuracy and overall image contrast, the Sarix Enhanced Range with SureVision 2.0 is the ideal solution for difficult lighting conditions in any environment and application


Sarix® Profession Series: Maximum Choice for Any Application

With selection, versatility, and affordability, the Sarix Professional Range packs the most popular features and functionality of Sarix technology into a variety of indoor and environmental IP cameras. Mix and match the technical options and form factors you need for one of the widest selections of box, bullet, and mini dome cameras in the industry. The Sarix Professional Range offers an extensive choice of models, one-stop shopping, and competitive prices so you will find the camera you need for almost any lighting condition, environment, or application.


Sarix® TM Thermographic Series

The Sarix® TM Series thermographic IP camera is an advanced thermal imaging camera designed for easy integration into any new or
existing video security application. The camera provides predictive maintenance and process monitoring capabilities by detecting temperature fluctuations in user-defined areas. Every Sarix TM Series camera features IP outputs and an integrated, environmentally protected IP66-rated enclosure (with optional pan/tilt positioner). Additionally, when used in an IP system, the Sarix TM Series features a full suite of thermographic analytics.


Endura – IP Video Management System

Endura™ is the ideal video management system (VMS) for mission-critical surveillance operations requiring around-the-clock monitoring and unwavering reliability. It provides the tools security and IT professionals need to effectively safeguard people and property. With the ability to scale thousands of cameras, Endura is designed to fit a wide range of applications – including airports, casinos, and city surveillance – where unmatched fault tolerance and system integrity are mandatory. Customizable permission settings and unlimited user profiles enable access for multiple stakeholders, driving greater return on security investment across your enterprise.

DSSRV IP Video Management System (JPG file, 137 KB)

Digital Sentry Network Video Recorder – DSSRV

The Digital Sentry NVR comes preloaded with DS NVs Network Video Management Software and includes 8 IP licenses for Pelco or third-party cameras and network encoders. With support for a total of 128 IP and analogue cameras, DSSRV delivers 280 Mbps bandwidth for recording, streaming, and video export. Analogue cameras, converted to IP streams across the network using Pelco or third-party cameras, require a DS-SW-CAM IP license for each stream.


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