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Performance-enhanced hardware for your video management system

Aug 17, 2023

3rd generation hardware platforms with significantly enhanced performance

  • Two network interfaces (management / camera network)
  • Four monitor outputs (DisplayPort, up to 4K resolution)
  • Optional dual-power supply (Redundant, Hot-Swap)
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC with 10-year update guarantee

The new generation of Geutebrück hardware platforms G-ST 3000+ G3 and G-ST 6000+ G3 provides exceptional performance for the operation of all Geutebrück software products.

Less hardware with more functionality!

Geutebrück’s versatile hardware platforms can be used in multiple roles to the benefit of medium and up to enterprise-sized, networked video security systems. This includes everything from operating the Video Management (G-Core) or the Security Information Management (G-SIM) systems, as a separate video analysis server, or as a powerful View Station, scalable to any sized system for your needs.

The optional use of a second operating system hard disk (OS redundancy) and a dual-power supply ensures long-term, continuous operational reliability.

Next generation hardware achieves exceptional performance in smaller, cost effective units: up to 92 or more media channels recording, up to 38 media channels efficiently displayed in viewers, and 50 to 58 G-Tect video analytics can be run on a separate video analysis server.

An additional RAM expansion (+ 16GB DDR5) significantly increases video processing performance for G-View or G-Tect.

The benefits in detail:

Processors: Both G-ST hardware platforms can be equipped with different processors: Intel Core i3 (G-ST-3000+ G3 only), i5 or i7, 12th gen. IoT.

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (21H2) — currently the only available operating system with guaranteed 10 years of OS security updates (until Jan. 13, 2032).

Operating system redundancy: Installing an optional second operating system hard disk (M.2 SSD), increases fault-tolerance while preserving all HD slots for database storage.

Monitor outputs: Both G-ST hardware platforms have 4 monitor outputs (DisplayPort V1.4a, 4K resolution).

Network controller: Two integrated network ports, for separate camera and management networks.

Management: 1x Port 10/100/1000 MBit/s base-TX iAMT

Camera network: 1x Port 10/100/1000/2500 MBit/s (1.5 times more power!)

Databases / Image Storage: For every application the right size.

G-ST-3000+ G3: Up to 4x HDD (max. 80TB)

G-ST-6000+ G3: Up to 8x HDD, Hot-Swap, Raid 0,1,5,6 (max. 160TB)

Performance data (test results):

Test configuration: G-ST 3000+G3, Processor i7, 16 GB RAM, Video source: Scene Outdoor Lively,

25fps, H.264, FullHD

Recording: 92 media channels with 750 Mbit/s

Viewer: 38 media channels with 360 Mbit/s

Video Content Analysis: AD: 58 channels, VMD: 58 channels, VMX: 50 channels

RAM performance: Adding a RAM expansion of 16GB results in a performance increase of 40 – 70%.


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