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Q&A with Peter De Ieso (FLIR)

May 19, 2014



Peter De Ieso , Distribution Manager – Commercial Security, FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd



What will be your key new product releases at Security 2014?

The new FC-Series R cameras’ on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities are normally found only in much more expensive camera systems. This creates a true dual-role camera that provides rock-solid perimeter intrusion detection as well as temperature-based alarms.  With this added capability, FC-Series R cameras are the perfect solution for condition monitoring, trend analysis, predictive maintenance, fire detection and safety monitoring, as well as their typical security role.  By providing benefits to both Operations and Security personnel, FC-Series R cameras with temperature measurement play a key role in preventing losses related to physical damage and vandalism from intruders, as well as preventing revenue loss due to unscheduled equipment malfunction and service interruptions.  These temperature-based alarms can be sent by email or ONVIF and configured with the new FLIR web interface, iOS apps, or FLIR Sensor Manager.
The new FC-Series VA cameras have on-board video analytics designed for thermal imaging. Product redundancy is achieved with edge analytics instead of relying on a central PC. The video analytics is able to classify humans and vehicles generate alarms to third party VMS.

What do you believe is the most significant technological trend in the market?

I believe thermal imaging has become Video analytics greatest technology partner. FLIR technology is solving problems from reducing false alarms to saving installation cost of CCTV systems that require lighting. Today the technology within the new FC-series will enhance security systems for a long time to come.

How do you see the electronic security business over the past 12 months – are you seeing growth, is performance static? And what’s your prediction for the next 12 months?

Our business is growing fast due to the constant new technologies we are releasing. In the beginning FLIR was selling cameras that cost over $100,000 and this year the thermal camera will sell for under a thousand dollars.  I am excited by the prospect of lower cost, higher volume products because it means more people will benefit from the power of thermal imaging.

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