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Say “hello Nimbo”!

Aug 1, 2018

A new force in security will soon be patrolling some of Australia’s most popular places with the first automated robot security guard landing on our shores.

Nimbo is an intelligent security robot based on leading-edge Artificial Intelligence for a range of asset protection and will bring a high tech cutting edge to Australian security solutions.

Businesses currently use human guarding and patrol solutions to protect their critical assets, but they often lack advanced technology options: robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Nimbo was built to solve the most significant problems of security patrolling by bringing together coverage, detection, mobility, communication, and reliability into one powerful product, allowing security teams to protect assets and manage risk more efficiently.

“A security solution should help businesses protect their assets 24/7 and integrate autonomous patrolling, object detection and human activity analysis,” said Andrew Tatrai, founder of Showsec (Australia’s leading automated security patrolling company).

“Nimbo is the very first product in the market to provide robotic security patrolling in a value for money and practical way.”

“We’re excited to introduce Nimbo to Australia. Nimbo will bring Australian security guarding into the future – through autonomous patrolling, activity detection, and video communication – together into one product.”

“Security teams that integrate technology effectively deliver a better, more reliable and efficient solution because coupling AI with data analytics makes for better decisions.”

“Don’t be surprised if you’re soon saying “hello Nimbo” at shopping centres, corporate facilities, warehouses, unis and airports.”

Current business security solutions force businesses to choose between human guards and alarm-based surveillance systems. Now with Nimbo, they can have both.

Showsec introduced Nimbo to help solve these issues so the Australian security sector can move into the digital era. This brand new intelligent robotic solution has best-in-class sensors, audio and siren warnings, two-way communication capabilities and 360 video recording.

Nimbo is as cute as he is smart and the ideal addition to your security team:

  • Best-in-class Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
    • Nimbo’s Artificial Intelligence can recognise a large range of objects and behaviours, respond with audio or video warnings, and provide notifications with video evidence in real time.
  • The Segway-based design
    • Enables a unique “Ride-On Mode” that gives the human guard a ride when necessary. The proven robotics mobility platform also offers terrain flexibility and reliability not seen in other robots.
  • Autonomous patrol & object detection
    • Nimbo can be used both indoors and outdoors and reach speeds up to 16 kph and provides video streaming from both front and rear cameras.

“Showsec is bringing security guarding and patrolling into the digital era and training for the jobs of the future in Australia. Nothing comes close to Nimbo”, said Ben Kulmar, Head of Products, Showsec.

“Nimbo is true innovation, and we’re excited about what this means for current and future customers. The robot has an amazing capability to scale with ongoing technical advancements via regular software updates and hardware upgrades.”

Showsec has formed a strategic partnership with ACES Group to introduce Nimbo across a range of prestigious and iconic places.

To learn more about Nimbo and request a demonstration, Say “hello Nimbo” at www.hellonimbo.com or email [email protected].


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