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Simplify Security at Scale

Jul 17, 2023

Protect people and property with privacy in mind. Trusted by over 17,000 organizations, Verkada builds physical security solutions that integrate seamlessly behind a single, cloud-based software platform.

Video Security: Monitor sites remotely — no NVRs or DVRs.

Simplify and scale video security with all-in-one cameras that marry onboard storage and edge-based processing with the benefits of the cloud, eliminating the need for NVR and DVR infrastructure.

Access Control: Simplify enterprise access control.

Secure more doors by bringing them to Verkada’s cloud-based platform, enabling faster detection and response to door events such as tailgating.

Air Quality Sensors: Improve health and safety

Monitor environmental conditions and detect harmful chemicals, including carbon dioxide levels and vape emissions.

Alarms: Catch and respond to intrusions.

Detect and respond to threats immediately with intrusion sensors, deterrence devices and wireless panic buttons. With integrated 24/7 professional monitoring, reduce false alarms while ensuring priority police response.

Workplace: Track deliveries and visitors.

Improve visitor experience and manage deliveries with guest and mailroom software. Keep track of people and assets coming into facilities to enhance security along with workplace operations.

Intercom: Answer calls from anywhere.

Answer calls, grant entry and secure entrances from anywhere with Verkada’s cloud-managed video intercom.

Command: Manage security from one platform.

Connect all of your Verkada physical security devices in a single, cloud-based platform. With point-and-click simplicity, it’s everything you need to protect at scale.

About Verkada

Verkada is a leading provider of next-generation physical security solutions. We prioritize simplicity and scalability, offering six seamlessly integrated product lines that make it easy for organizations to protect at scale.

Contact us today at +61 (2725) 99300 or email [email protected] to experience the power of simplified security with Verkada.

Visit our website at https://www.verkada.com/ to learn more about our innovative solutions.

This article has been produced in partnership with Verkada . If you want to learn more about Verkada and their end-to-end solutions for surveillance visit them on stand P20  –  Register today to meet the team!
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