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Smart security all about innovation

Jul 12, 2018

Home security is changing significantly - it’s no longer just about sturdy fences or secure gates but about being as smart - or smarter - than the criminals plotting to enter homes.

Innovation has been a constant in the security industry over the past few years. Higher quality cameras mean better surveillance and powerful smartphones create the opportunity to present and interact with video footage in empowering ways.

If you’re renovating a house, building one from scratch, or just tweaking a home to make it even more valuable, your security options now aren’t just innovative, but sleek and stylish too.

Smart home security company Ring is about bringing innovation, and utility, to a home. With a range that goes from the battery powered Ring Video Doorbell 2 all the way to the wired Ring Floodlight Cam, there are options for any need.

Understanding what new opportunities technologies like Ring can bring to a home and security suites can help you create something that doesn’t just look good, but operates exceptionally.

Whether you’re doing it yourself, or with a tradie who’s working on an exciting new job, understanding what innovative home security can bring to a space means your options increase significantly.

The Security Exhibition is perfect for learning about new technologies – ask the practical questions (how heavy is it? How do you install it?), and the technical ones (do I need to talk to my clients about privacy concerns? What type of connectivity is required for this to work?).

With a number of smart security products on show at the Security Exhibition, there’s plenty of opportunity to get smarter about what’s available to secure a home.

See more innovations from Ring at stand A23 at this year’s Security Exhibition & Conference. To register for free exhibition entry, click here.

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