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Cablers Can Be Kings

Jul 10, 2017

Over a million NBN users don’t know what speeds they’re actually getting a survey released this week said. That’s about 40% of everyone connected to the NBN and it’s a pretty staggering figure I think.

It joins a long line of research showing the public is floundering when it comes to the NBN, but that big problem for consumers is a major business opportunity for cablers. But only if they get active.

We already know from other surveys that homeowners trust cablers when it comes to home technology. In fact, they were pretty much the only group they did.

Cablers already have a strong position in the home and office, ideally placed to help with connections for telephones, alarms, EFTPOS, Smart TVs, Set-top boxes, wireless access points and a lot of the new technologies coming home these days.

Take advantage of the NBN

To make sure your business can make the most of these opportunities you need to be on top of what the NBN is and isn’t. The NBN uses a range of technologies to deliver the new high-speed broadband, including FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, HFC, Fixed Wireless and Satellite and if you don’t recognise those letters you have a problem.

You also need to consider how a service provider is delivering the broadband and the telephone service. There are two main options:

  1. The telephone services are delivered using nbn’s UNI-V port and the broadband services via nbn’s UNI-D port.
  2. The service provider supplies a gateway which connects to nbn’s equipment and then has Ethernet ports, phone port(s) and WiFi

In addition to the above, you must know where you can and cannot cable from. Again, there are options:

  1. You can cable from the network boundary which is either MDF, or NTD, or first telephone socket.
  2. By accessing the Authority to Alter (A2A) from nbn™ and/or Telstra you can, in fact, make changes to the carrier’s network in certain circumstances.

If any of that sounds confusing don’t worry because help is at hand at www.registeredcablers.com.au, the website we established to provide cablers with free information & support as well as a one-stop shop for the public. Register for free & maximise your business. It’s time to connect.

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