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Don’t come unstuck by not knowing what are mandated standards from the ACMA

Jan 12, 2018

IoT is the big topic to well and truly emerge from 2017 and seems to be rolling out like a steam train out of control but it is dependent on standards and some of these standards are mandated.

In summary the IoT is really a huge range of devices (CCTV, detectors, actuators, PIRs to name a few) all connected physically or wirelessly, the key is connectivity. Connectivity means connection to a telecommunications network and therefore the need to comply with the ACMA’s mandated standards.

The IoT is underpinned by standards and some are mandated by the ACMA

Regardless of how you connect, wired or wireless you need to install cabling and all cabling must be installed to the ACMA mandated standard of AS/CA S009. You may question why wireless is covered by this standard, it’s because the wireless access points are connected by metallic or fibre cables. The ACMA also mandates that all cabling products used comply with the standard AS/CA S008. In addition to these standards, the installation of any cabling provided on the customer side of a carriers network can only be done by a registered cabler with the necessary endorsements for any specialised work. The two types of cabler registration that cover the majority of the cabling done in residential and commercial premises, these are Open or Restricted.

Open Closed
Applies to any cabling work on the customer side of a carriers’ network. Applies to cabling work on the customer side of a carriers’ network but limited primarily premises where the carrier’s network is terminated directly onto a TO or an NTD, or where the cabling work is done behind a compliant device and there is no HV reticulated in the premises.
In addition to the cabler registration the cable must also be endorsed for the following specialised work:
• Optical fibre cabling
• Coaxial cabling
• Structured cabling (copper)
• Underground
• Aerial
In addition to the cabler registration the cable must also be endorsed for the following specialised work:
• Perform restricted customer premises (point to point) data or coaxial telecommunications customer cabling work

For full details see https://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Telco/Infrastructure/Cabling-rules.

Common cabling scenarios may be worth noting (in terms of what work can and cannot be done)

Scenario 1: something which may seem very simple like running a cable from the main house to a granny flat either as aerial or underground cabling can only be done by a cabler that is endorsed for the specialised work. The Open Registered cabler must have the endorsement on their cabler registration card.

Scenario 2: running an additional cable from a small patch panel in a residential premises to a new TO. If the existing patch panel has 6 outlets already and the new TO will require the expansion of the patch panel from 6 to 7 this work can only be done by an Open Registered Cabler with the endorsement for Structured cabling.

Once the cabling is done all that is left is installing the devices be it a movement sensor to something as simple as plugging a TV. All devices must comply with the EMC requirements, see https://www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/how-to-use-the-emc-standards-list. In general most devices sold in Australia should comply but if you are supplying the device make it your business to check and if you order on line from overseas suppliers it is critical you check this. If you are intending or supplying products into the Australian market it may pay you to look at the following link https://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Suppliers/Product-supply-and-compliance.

In summary don’t come foul of any mandated standard, it can be a very costly oversight. If in doubt of what standards apply they are listed in the “Home Wiring Essentials – Code of Practice” and they are listed by category. You can find them at http://registeredcablers.com.au/industry/smart-wired/

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Source: Australian Registered Cablers

This article was written by Ian Millner on behalf of the Australian Registered Cablers www.registeredcablers.com.au

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