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Keeping up to date with technology – a challenging area?

Jan 14, 2020

Technology is integral to the security industry, however it has been earmarked as a challenge to stay up to date.

A recent survey we undertook identified that keeping up to date with technology is difficult despite it been so integral in the Security industry.

Recent industry-changing technologies include the introduction of smart CCTV cameras, the use of drones and robots and the increasing introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

All of these technologies offer tremendous operational benefits, however they do require specialist skills and knowledge to operate.

In a rapidly changing industry, it is now considered critical for Australian security companies to have research and development strategies to find and acquire new cutting-edge technologies.

It’s also important to note that while acquiring and integrating new technologies is a good first step for private security organisations, the benefit these technologies bring is critically dependent on the knowledge and skill base of security personnel and how these technologies are applied.

Arthur Baker, principal consultant at T&L Enterprises, says industry training standards need to be brought up to speed. “Australian standards are very basic and rudimentary,” he says. “And they haven’t been updated from the days of analog before we had IP networking and HD megapixel cameras.

“What’s more, there is no uniformity of regulation from state to state. For instance, in Western Australia, to even get a security licence you need to have done courses in alarms and CCTV, but that’s the only state with that requirement.”

Read our full white paper report here.

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