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Major Industry Trends

Nov 25, 2019

When we asked a network of security professionals about major industry trends (both now and in the future), the rise in cybercrime and the evolution of new technology were the two main responses. It was to be expected, therefore, that current product trends identified included cyber security, CCTV monitoring and smart cameras, and biometrics and facial recognition.

Better cyber security in the corporate sector is on the minds of many industry leaders because of a range of attacks that have disrupted some businesses and crippled others in recent years. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, employing a range of software applications.

To counteract the threat of cyber attack to Australian organisations, the Australian Government launched its Cyber Security Strategy in 2016. As part of this plan, more than $230 million has been invested in cyber security measures, including developing Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence to combat the problem.[1]

Read the official 2019 Industry Whitepaper here for more information and insights surrounding the current Security Market.

[1] Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy

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