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Paradigm shift: profession in transition

Jul 1, 2019

Deep Dive 6: As a result of increasing digital threats across different markets, the security industry is seeing the convergence of cybersecurity with physical and electronic security.

As part of our 2019 Deep Dive series, we explore how evolving threats affect security strategies. Stay tuned in the coming weeks leading up to Security 2019 for the trends affecting the different sectors.

Formerly distinct technologies such as CCTV, keycard readers, electronic access control systems and alarms now have internet connectivity, offering greater synergies. This interconnectivity is allowing security managers a sweeping hand to monitor and manage threats from one operation instead of from separate operational fronts.

The changing security paradigm is also changing the role of the security manager from conventional guard to strategic data analyst as well as responder, says Andrew Tatrai, chairman and non-executive director of ACES and co-founder of Dynamic Crowd Management. Along with co-founder Travis Semmens, Tatrai has created DCM – an innovative, autonomous data-analytics solution that can ascertain the mood of crowds and has been used as a crowd-management solution at Vivid Sydney.

According to Tatrai, the security industry is not adapting to change fast enough. “Companies are still procuring security services and manpower services but they’re not seeking any tenders that combine technology with manpower,” he says.

“Corporate procurement needs to be more inventive and less risk-averse and seek new proposals that are moving with the times, rather than holding onto the idea that security needs to be compartmentalised – that we have manpower for one risk, a CCTV camera for another risk and an IT department for another,” he says.

One way businesses can adapt to change is by adopting artificial intelligence and examining how these technologies can be applied to their businesses.

Of keen interest to business personnel currently is how data from automated platforms can increase safety and efficiency, improve crowd management and customer experience and drive the growth and profitability of their business.

Business leaders can explore recent applications for data science at the Security Exhibition & Conference.

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