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Contactless, Quick, Dependable: The Power of Face Recognition

Aug 12, 2020

Then came a virus…and now the world is looking for new methods to stay safe, healthy and protect against viral infections. How can we continue to authenticate people without touching devices, reopen travel with contactless processes, or detect people not wearing a mask in crowded spaces?

Demand for touch free access control with built-in facial recognition and thermal imaging solutions continue to grow as a result of COVID-19, forecasting the global biometrics market to grow to a $45.96 billion industry by 2024. Airports and other travel services that had looked toward face recognition to solve growing passenger numbers are now evaluating seamless journey solutions for hygiene reasons.

Along with providing a truly touch-free solution that minimises the spread of contagions, face recognition technology supports a multitude of security scenarios, including:

  • Instant detection, tracking and recognition of persons on watch lists, as a pro-active measure to prevent security threats
  • Detection of crowds that exceed the person limit specified in social distancing measures
  • Access control with face recognition, along with entry/exit recording and restricted area monitoring
  • Face matching as a second factor of authentication to detect RFID card swaps or the use of lost ID cards
  • Enhanced surveillance at public venues, such as stadiums, arenas, and entertainment centres
  • Detection of face masks to check if people are wearing masks or not
  • Detection of underage patrons who are restricted from entry, or not allowed to purchase products and services offered at the facility

In recent months, Cognitec, leaders in facial recognition technology, have been working on an extended suite of algorithms to address today’s face recognition challenges and boost the overall performance of their products. The next generation of matching algorithm they have been working on includes a new mask detector for alerting whether someone is wearing a face mask or not – relevant for today’s pandemic world.

Further algorithm developments have produced an upgraded age estimator and under-age detectors (18 or 21) with improved accuracy.

However, the software alone won’t produce optimal results. Organisations and businesses are continually looking for a cohesive, integrated system that combines hardware, software, and services, that works seamlessly into their existing systems and operations.

Cognitec suggests that choosing particular camera models, their positioning and tuning, optimal server choice, VMS integration, configuration, training, deploying and supporting the system, are all important components that play an essential role in the overall efficiency of the software.

Making these components work together, and supporting their continuous operation and maintenance, needs a specialist face recognition company with a proven track record in the security industry.

As you plan your next security system, think about enhancing and future-proofing your project design with face recognition solutions from Cognitec.

Check out Cognitec’s products and services here.

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