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How the Internet of Things is reshaping security

May 9, 2017

You can’t open a magazine, go to a website or attend an event these days without hearing the buzz term Internet of Things or IoT. Today it seems as if everything can or should be connected. Whilst this is a nice idea, what does it mean in regards to security?

Open standards

To start, you should know that any kind of IP-based video surveillance and physical access control devices such as cameras and door controllers are already IoT devices (in fact, Axis Communications invented what many call the first IoT device 20 years ago when we launched our first network camera). These connected devices offer non-proprietary and open standards allowing users to integrate them with other devices and software, without restrictions.

The further adoption of IoT will drive this integration beyond currently separate device categories. There is a huge opportunity to manage multiple systems with just one management console. From smoke sensors to video surveillance, physical access control, loudspeakers, air conditioning and heating, escalators and elevators to window shades, light switches, and automatic doors – all these devices can be managed together with the IoT.

Internet of Security Things

From a security standpoint, IoT is more than just cameras. For example, Axis introduced what is best described as an IoT loudspeaker in March of 2015 that can be integrated with just about anything. You can even assign it a phone number and make announcements via making respective calls to that phone number.

In summary, it is a self-contained loudspeaker that offers signal transmission, decoding, amplification, microphone and speaker all in one unit. Unlike analogue loudspeakers, there is no need for a separate amplifier and an external power supply is not required, thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. Therefore, it can easily be installed as an extension to existing security systems allowing operators to deter unwanted activity without having to send a security guard to the scene.

This is just one example of a new breed of security products. We are seeing the beginning of what is probably best named the “Internet of Security Things.” Open standards will allow previously separate device categories to be used together and accessed via a single management console. This will make security systems easier to use while providing better situational awareness and overviews of incidents.


Story credit: Axis Communications

Source: https://www.axis.com/blog/secure-insights/internet-of-things-reshaping-security/

This article was originally published by Axis Communications, Principal Exhibition and Registration Sponsor for the Security Exhibition & Conference.

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