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‘Smart solutions’ the key to security innovations

Jul 26, 2018

With an over-riding theme of “Securing Innovation”, exhibition floor discussions on day two of the Security Exhibition & Conference were focused on the rapid rise of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), and how security solutions are adapting technology to meet the enormous potential for ‘smart solutions’.

“Automation is the future – technology doesn’t necessarily understand the function of security and vice versa. Security and technology need to merge, and the field of drones and aerial technology, combined with automation are a great platform for that to happen, said Matthew Altenburg, CEO of SOAPdrones.

 Country Manager for South Pacific at Milestone Systems, Jordan Cullis, agreed, stating: “The sheer scope of what is now possible using advanced analytics brings a huge array of new possibilities for security, as well as allowing our solutions to adapt and bring value to a wide range of new markets.”

 Facial Recognition (FR) is at the forefront of this technology wave, with several exhibitors displaying cutting-edge solutions.

 Fraser Larcombe, Sales Manager at Imagus Technology said of the new technology: “Facial Recognition software is growing and adapting constantly at present, with new features being added all the time.”

 Imagus has been receiving a lot of attention for one of the latest additions, the Forensic Module, which can find two ‘recognised’ people within a FR system, and match them with their ‘known associates’ as well as performing a forensic search for their ‘unknown associates’.

 “There is a massive difference between verification and recognition – or between finding one person in a crowd one-to-many, and finding a one-on-one match. That message is critical to how FR is evolving,” concludes Larcombe.

 Hardware solutions have certainly not been standing still either, with a wide variety of CCTV and IP camera solutions on display across the event. AXIS Communications mentioned their Q8742-LE camera attracting particular attention. The dual-integrated optics PTZ solution combines both high optical zoom for day and night operation with optical thermal zoom, and is capable of detecting objects up to 4km away.

 The 2018 Security Exhibition finishes tomorrow on Friday 27 July at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 9.30am until 3.30pm. Register for free exhibition entry at securityexpo.com.au

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