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How will Australian smart cities defend against hackers?

May 5, 2019 Industry News

Australian metropolises being wired up as ‘smart cities’ face an emerging security threat. While many of these technologically advanced metro areas will benefit from improved surveillance and physical protection, they could also be a lure for hackers.

AI and video analytics: How data becomes intelligent

Apr 3, 2019 Tech Trends

Video analytics have huge implications for consumer behaviour, security, and privacy. Depending on its application, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in video analytics has a litany of outcomes—whether its creating bespoke Netflix series, tracking criminals or understanding movement in public spaces.

Keeping retailers’ valuable assets secure

Bricks-and-mortar retailers in Australia are under pressure on several fronts as consumers tighten their belts, and online sales poach a growing share of spending. At the same time, retailers’ losses due to shrinkage of valuable stock are on the rise.

AMC Alarms Unika Touchscreen Keypad From LSC

With more than 30 years’ experience in the intrusion detection device market, AMC Alarms has garnered a strong reputation for their user-friendly, market-leading design.

Neptune Security Products

Neptune Security Products is quickly developing a reputation as the go-to brand for standalone keypads. Popularly used for a range of indoor and outdoor applications, the ACKPWSKWM, ACKPWST and ACKPW1C keypads all support up to 2,000 users and feature an integrated reader. The latter of the three is even IP68 rated, making it suitable for […]


Rediguard are a new and innovative industrial barrier that acts as a decorative garden bed to encourage public safety. Rediguard are purpose built barriers, that are ready to guard and built to last.  Used as security bollards in public areas will allow pedestrians to move between, while intercepting unwanted traffic from entering. They can act […]

The software that’s checking you are who you say you are

Mar 27, 2019 Tech Trends

Security technology is helping Australian companies combat the scourge of identity theft by making it easier to recognize customers through voice biometric signatures.

2019’s top trends in biometric security technology

Mar 1, 2019 Tech Trends

Rapid innovation in biometric technology means trends are changing fast, making the authentication process more secure and convenient than ever.

AMC Alarms

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