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Delivering aerial security through drone monitoring

Jun 13, 2017 Tech Trends

The use of drones – also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – is rapidly becoming common practice across multiple industry sectors.

Securing the future, with wireless access control

Jun 7, 2017 Tech Trends

Technology is evolving fast. Not only do we embrace this change, it has in fact come to shape our expectations as consumers. Within the security industry, usability, value for money, security, remote operation and integration with other systems, are becoming standard requirements for both installer and end-user.

Supply chain management in the security industry – Understanding your obligations

Jun 2, 2017 Event News

It is common place for employers and principal contractors to drive down employment costs by illegitimately disguising workers as independent contractors, particularly in sub-contracting out the works required. The security industry is vulnerable to ‘turning a blind eye’ to the compliance with the Fair Work in competing for security work.

Facing up to security threats and risks – the perspective of small businesses

May 29, 2017 Event News

Many small businesses think they are simply not big enough to be the target of cyber-attacks, but this is increasingly not the case. In fact, online threats are one of the fastest growing security risks facing small businesses; with scanners becoming progressively sophisticated in the way they target unsuspecting businesses.

Delivering a safe and secure games

May 25, 2017 Event News

The Gold Coast 2018 Organising Committee will deliver an athlete-focused Games providing long lasting benefits for the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and the Commonwealth.  Safety and Security are critical to this event.

Spying drones and connected cars the newest threats to security

May 24, 2017 Event News

Learn how sensitive data can be compromised by technology such as spying drones and connected cars; understand the complexities of airport security; hear how social media and media training can be key in a crisis; or watch a live hack of a mobile device. These are just some of the topics being addressed by speakers at this year’s Security Exhibition & Conference.

Airport Security – Applying the lessons learnt to other industry sectors

May 12, 2017 Event News

Airports are one of if not the most complex of integrated security environments that security professionals have to operate in today’s challenging security industry. Securing a huge amount of passengers and freight that transits through them each year, not to mention the thousands of support personnel and retail staff, is no easy task. Yet an efficient, safe, and secure aviation system is integral to our social and economic well-being.

Honeywell and HID Global Put Building Control in the Hands of Occupants

HID Global is collaborating with Honeywell on the Vector Occupant mobile software application which enables building occupants to tap into Internet of Things capabilities to address common building issues.

How the Internet of Things is reshaping security

May 9, 2017 Tech Trends

You can’t open a magazine, go to a website or attend an event these days without hearing the buzz term Internet of Things or IoT. Today it seems as if everything can or should be connected. Whilst this is a nice idea, what does it mean in regards to security?

Understanding Pixel Densities and what they mean

May 4, 2017 Event News

An IP surveillance system may be used to observe and protect people, objects and people’s activity inside and outside premises as well as traffic and vehicles, money handling in banks, or games in a casino environment.

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